Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cake for Cora

Yesterday was Cora Anderson's 93rd birthday. As a student of the Feri Tradition, I wanted to honor her with an offering of thanksgiving so, I baked her a miniature birthday cake. Even though she's in northern California and I'm in Southern California, and I've never met her, I felt moved to mark this splendid occasion. I set up a simple alter to her, setting her picture on the center pedestal. To the right is her late husband, Victor Anderson. To the left is my teacher and connection to them both, T. Thorn Coyle.

I used simple numerology to determine the number of candles to put on the cake. Her age (93) reduces to 3.

9 + 3 = 12
1 + 2 = 3

Plus, three is just a great number. Who doesn't love three?

I lit her birthday candles, sang her happy birthday, and then read the story of her birth out loud from her book, Childhood Memories. The cake sat with her picture overnight and will go out in my garden tonight, to feed the fey, the earth, and any lucky animals that happen to catch a whiff of it.

Happy Birthday, Cora. Thank you and blessed be.

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