Friday, November 30, 2007

Mosaic Feri Box

I created this mosaic box as a donation for a Reclaiming Spirit raffle fundraiser earlier this month.
The symbolism comes from the Feri tradition, of which I am a student. Depicted is the Black Heart of Innocence topped with Blue Feri Fire. There are seven howlite stones representing the seven Guardians of the seven directions and the background is black, in honor of the Star Goddess.

In addition to the howlite stones, I used broken tiles and glass. The grout is un-sanded and I finished the box off by painting it with a black acrylic.

I was quite pleased that the box ended up so popular at the raffle. Many jokes were bandied around about people wanting "my box," which made me giggle and blush.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's a Conjure Craft?

Conjure Crafts are those that affect, influence, or cause change (aka makin' magic/k) through a variety of creative expressions.

My own Conjure Crafts include:
  • writing
  • altered art
  • alternative scrapbooking (including making pages for my ScrapBook of Shadows)
  • cooking
  • ATCs
  • art dolls
  • baking
  • cake decorating
  • photography
  • creating altars
  • spells, prayers, and rituals
  • art journals
  • decoupage
  • making liqueurs
  • decorating
  • assemblage
  • gardening
  • knitting
  • creating ritual tools
  • paper inchies
  • collage

... and more - most with a Feri, Pagan, or decidedly witchy bent. I place great emphasis on reusing, repurposing, and recycling art materials and constantly see things through my artist's eye. I hope to offer up various ideas for Conjure Craft projects, including some step-by-step tutorials, and guest artists. Feel free to contact me with questions or requests at