Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ritual Boxes for Military Pagans

The creation and assembly of these ritual boxes was a collaborative effort between Sybilla Stone, Jennie Wiseheart, Kim J., Angela G., Jonah Dove, and yours truly.

We started with 50 small gift boxes. My job was to decorate each box inside and out. I painted the outsides with acrylics, to make them look as though moss was growing up the sides. Since the boxes are going to be distributed to Pagans from various traditions, we tried to keep the symbolism generic. Along those lines I stamped the tops with a simple black spiral.

Inside the boxes, I covered each side with a piece of elemental-themed scrapbook paper - earth on one side, fire, air and water on the others. The bottom of each box contains a charm for protection inspired by a spell in Valerie Worth's book, Crone's Book of Charms and Spells.

Everyone involved contributed something different. Inside each box we placed a vial of herbs, a bag of sea salt, a vial of blessing oil, a red cord, a tiny wand, a sea shell, a wood pentacle, a miniature white altar cloth, and a corn offering.

Jennie Wiseheart created adorable willow wands, each with its own feather and amber tip. Jonah Dove wood-burned each of the tiny pentacles and Sybilla Stone created a custom ritual oil.

On the bottom of each box is a personal message from one of the contributors.

It is our hope that each of these ritual boxes finds the perfect person for it, since they are each a bit different. This weekend, we send them off with a prayer that all members of our military come home safe.


Willa said...

I am amazed at the beautiful gifts you collectively created. They are no doubt going to warm many hearts aching for home.

I add my own blessing to yours: May they come safely home.

You're pretty fucking inspirational, Ms. M. Yes, indeedy.

Witch Crafter said...

Why thank you Ms. Willa. Nice to see you here. I've only ever blogged on LJ so I'm still getting used to this whole Blogger universe.

Inspirational? Really? :::tee hee::: That rocks, thanks.

Jonah said...

"Inspirational? Really? ::tee hee::"

Pshaw! Like you didn't know.

Witch Crafter said...

Heh ... Even if I did know, my hard-trained sense of self-deprecation (thanks, Mom) requires that I deny. :) So, it's nice to hear no matter what. Being called inspirational is quite a compliment.

Rose said...

Wow! What a wonderful thing to do. I can't imagine what they will mean to the recipients.

I agree that it is really inspirational. Thank you for sharing.