Thursday, July 24, 2008

Feri Scarf

Feri Scarf, originally uploaded by Marni Molina.

I knit this scarf (no pattern, just back n' forth) for my trips to Denver, CO. It's pretty darn cold there for a San Diego girl, like me. Since I'm going there for Feri training, I decided to allow the tradition to inspire my knitting. The idea is that I'm wrapping myself in the love of the Star Goddess (the black) with witch stripes of blue fire thrown in for good measure, texture, and interest. I love how it came out and it's nice to have finally knit something other than a dish cloth.


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! I love the colors and the yarn.

Marni said...

Thanks! It's so soft and cozy, it almost makes me wish I lived somewhere it gets cold more often.



Moon said...

This rocks! You go girl!

Marni said...

Thanks! :)