Monday, July 28, 2008

Grain of Sand

Over this past weekend, I attended a workshop led by Michele Jackson from Digital Dissonance on How to Create Your Own Tarot Deck. I've been wanting to try my hand at making a divination deck for years and I've been scared to dive in. I even listed it as one of my goals over at 101 Notes to Self (see #93 on the master list). So when I heard Michele was offering this class, I though it just may be the push I needed to get started.

I was not disappointed! Michele is a fantastic teacher with lots of tarot and art experience. She gives clear instruction and plenty of support along the way. She wants very much to inspire the artist in each of her students, just as she has been inspired in the past, and didn't even look sideways at me when I ended up producing a card that was clearly not of the tarot variety. Plus, she's just plain fun to be around.

Grain of Sand, originally uploaded by Marni Molina.

My card is called Grain of Sand and is 4x6". It shows a man walking through a swarm of locusts in the desert, just as calm as can be. In the foreground shines a giant pearl with a snake wrapped around it. As I was making it, I was thinking about the teachings of the Iron and Pearl Pentacles. More specifically, I was remembering Thorn (my spiritual teacher) speak about how it is the irritation of a single grain of sand (the irritation of the Work of the Iron Pent) that creates the pearl. I was imagining how irritating and frightening it would be to walk through a swarm of locusts, but this man seemed cool as a cucumber, dedicated to his walk ... his Work.

So the card is about Work and perseverance. It's about dancing with Iron before reaching for Pearl and about the snake of transformation that makes the transition possible.

I love my card. And now, dear friends, I am hooked. I have great plans for the stacks of old magazines and mailers I've been collecting and I can't wait to make more cards.


Anonymous said...

This is very cool! Love the imagery in your card. The class sounds like it was pretty neat.

Marni said...

Thanks! I'm happy with it, too.

Ahhhh ... nothing feels quite as good as a new creative obsession to throw oneself in to. :)