Friday, February 1, 2008

Brigit's Cross - Kid Version

Why even have a kid's version? Well first, though creating a traditional wheat Brigit's Cross is certainly not very difficult, it is beyond the manual dexterity skills of most younger crafts. Second, wheat isn't dangerous, per se, but I have received my fair share of minor cuts while weaving it (similar to a paper cut). Parents, you know what your kids are capable of. Here are two alternate versions of the Brigit's Cross made with good ol' pipe cleaner.

Brigit's Cross - Kid Version One

This version is basically made exactly like the traditional version. Replace the wheat with pipe cleaners and delete the soaking period. Weave the cross the same way and tie it off with decorative ribbon. I made this one from wheat-colored pipe cleaners and tied if off with gold ribbon. The pipe cleaner affords you the opportunity to shape the ends however you like, so get creative!

Brigit's Cross - Kid Version Two

This second version is the most basic one for our youngest crafters. Simple lay the pipe cleaners on top of each other in the form of an equal-armed cross and tie them off with yarn or string. My three-year-old helped me make this one from sparkly white pipe cleaners and red yarn. Later tonight, we'll hang it together in his room.

Of-course, with both kid's versions, it's important to explain the purpose of the Brigit's Cross to your child. To ensure an empowering and rewarding experience for your little Conjure Crafter, allow them to hang their own Brigit's Cross along with yours over the family altar or in their bedroom.

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