Thursday, February 21, 2008

Knit Washcloth

Just Another Snarky Navy Wife recently taught me to knit. After a couple of misshapen practice swatches, I dove into my first project: a knit washcloth.

I know it's not perfect, but I'm so proud. Knitting is the perfect remedy for my Idle Hands Syndrome. Like most repetitious crafts, it's meditative and magical. It's like mantra for the hands. I'm hooked! I've already gone to the store and purchased yarn for my next project - a scarf - and informed The Husband that I'll be making a beanie for him and he will wear it.

To compliment my new found obsession, I've started DVRing all the episodes of Knitty Gritty I can. Where I live, it airs in the middle of the night, so I watch each episode every morning over my cup of coffee. Vickie Howell is the cutest and the show is just awesome.


Anchored Away said...

Not bad at all!! Nice job. And hey, it doesn't look like Arkansas, complete with dropped stitch at Little Rock, eh? ;)

You'll have to come over and do some knitty-movie-writing night with me.

Marni said...

Yay! I had an excellent teacher. :::beam::: Kitty-movie-writing night sounds awesome!